To me sustainability is more than just using biomaterials. To me it also means to produce regionally, create minimal transportation distances and to have a good climatic balance. All pieces in the Lena Lieb collection are individually developed by me and completely produced in Germany – from yarn to finished product. A fair working environment included.

Naturally I pay close attention to a high quality of all fabrics, yarns and how they’re assimilated. For all Lena Lieb collections I exclusively work with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified companies - from yarn purchasing to knitter, over printer to sewing department.

This also means that all materials are of the highest standard. They are pollutant free, ecologically correct produced, the wool comes from controlled biological correct livestock farming, the saliva proof biological colors are made of water based pigments, and even the buttons are Ökotex Standard 100 certified. A complete GOTS certification of the Lena Lieb collection is planned in the future.